Confessions of a Litigious Mind

The random, irrelevant musings of a law school graduate.

Monday, December 29, 2008


dominique and i enjoy the a&e show "intervention," though sometimes it upsets me.

every single person on the show has some life event(s) that cause (or i prefer, poorly justify) their addiction/drug use. their parent did drugs, they were molested, a family member died. i hate to bring it up, but lots of people go to church, and they dont all become drug users. and of course, once all this stuff happens, they get someone to diagnose them with bipolar disorder or adhd. excuses, excuses, excuses. maybe i'm just cynical, or maybe the producers always look for this pattern. but i don't think it's a fair representation of reality.

also, most of the episodes are from bible-thumping, "all-american", holier-than-thou regions of the country. weird.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


damnit. florida is looking really good right now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


it's been somewhat crazy lately. though i guess most people could say that most of the time. it's rarely a good excuse, but often a justification.

i'm getting some extra training at work. i will soon be taking on some additional responsibilities (without additional compensation of course). the reward is some more interesting work on a day to day basis, though not always easier. plus i'll go to florida for a week in january for training which will be nice. i'm going to try to visit brancy too, if it works out for both of us.

dealing with people on a daily basis is a bit disillusioning. last week i caught 2 people in very specific, very blatant lies. people are always upset because they can never agree, or at least never want to take responsibility. i don't always mind when people get mad because i dont mind setting them in their place. because of this, my boss sometimes puts me in more difficult circumstances intentionally. sometimes it's a compliment, sometimes it's annoying.

i still have to do all my holiday shopping, though i do have at least 1 idea for everyone on my list.

overall, it's happy and healthy. good times.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

the perfect xmas gift after all that thanksgiving "stuffing"

shopping? on a wednesday?

usually i go grocery shopping on sundays, but this past sunday we were visiting my parents for the holiday so we didn't go. plus i have today off so i figured i should stock up for the rest of the week. add that to the shoulder-to-shoulder sunday shoppers and long lines and going today was a no brainer.

wednesday grocery shopping is the bizarro world to sunday shopping. there are many fewer customers, and practically none below the age of 80. covering 1 aisle in less than 10 minutes is ridiculously efficient. those turning left have the right of way, and the preferred payment method is check (unless you have exact change in cash).

despite more room to throw elbows and the ability to pass on the right, i'm not sure wednesday shopping is any better than sunday. perhaps i should look into online grocery vendors, although that has potential to be a pretty big step towards reclusivity (not a word according to, but should be).

the ten strike rule

sometimes i run criminal background searches on people for my job. sometimes i dont need to but i do because the people come across as sketchy or douchey. it amazes me how many of these people have multiple (or many) offenses, yet always receive a suspended sentence and/or probation only. i mean, they only have 4 priors, they've probably learned their lesson. until the next time that is. why are we surprised when they do something else again?

it's irrational to complain about crime when half the justice system doesnt do anything about it.