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Friday, January 30, 2009

the wonderful beginnings of the baconator?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

it's the economy, stupid

yesterday my company announced that they would no longer be providing paper coffee cups for employees. the email claimed it was part of an effort to become "greener", but it's really a way to cut costs (see also: making our objectives more difficult to meet so they dont have to hand out raises, changing our benefit provider to someone offering a worse plan, taking away saturday lunches provided by the company (which really hurts the company because it would spend approximately $70 each weekend to feed the 5-7 employees, however, people pretty much all ate at their desk and worked thru most of their lunch. essentially, the company was getting a 9th hour of work, or the majority of one, for free from everyone. now, everyone takes their full hour most days), and/or consolidating office space).

the good news: the company did agree to purchase the soap with which we can wash out our reuseable coffee cups.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 girthy inches

that was the forecast at least. i'm happy they were wrong (as is usually the case). we did get 4-5, which is way better than 10 (it's how you use it, really).

what it really meant was less snow to brush off the car at 730 this morning on our way to going to get our wii fit. and a wii fit we got. and a fat wii bastard i am. but it's worth it. definitely worth it.

when we got to the store, there were 2 cars already in the parking lot. we walked up to the doors behind the 2 people in front of us. the employees had mercy on us and let us stand in the warmth between the 2 sets of doors. soon after, a few more cars arrived. people from the next cars straggled in and stood behind. it obviously didnt take long before the wii was mentioned. surprisingly, a group of 3 men in one of the cars that was there before us wasn't even there for the wii. i dont know why else you'd get up that early and go to the store on a sunday, but who cares? to each his own. the other car had father and son, there both for the wii console and wii fit. we were talking about it with the father, a very nice guy.

at 8am, the lights were turned on and the inner doors opened. everyone proceeded to walk directly to the electronics section, towards the wii. everyone except those 3 men, and 1 woman who came after. instead, the woman cut in front of all the registers, and speed-walked thru the aisles to assure she was first in line. as we approached the checkout, the father who was there with his son let us go in front of them, in a very friendly gesture. we had been walking with and talking to them from the front doors to our destination. but sure enough, first in line was the bitch who couldnt wait.

basically, for her own health i'm glad all she bought was 1 wii console. we were somewhat concerned she was there to buy in bulk, if the store would allow. i also had my guess that the store had 15 in stock (that's how many they had the last time), but wasn't sure. there were plenty, and she didnt even buy the fit.

but it's situations like this that allow me to understand why people are trampled around the holidays. or why bitches get cut at stores. because if something had gone wrong, that bitch would've heard about it. not my fault you got there at 755 instead of 745.

in the end, it all worked out and wasnt all bad. we saw polar opposites. the bitch who arrived late but hurried around everyone and the guy who told us to go in front of him, even though we arrived at the same time as him and his son. sadly, it's the man who stands out because his actions are a lot more rare. but i'm happy, it was nice to see.