Confessions of a Litigious Mind

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Friday, October 31, 2008

election musings

what's the difference between sarah palin's mouth and her vagina?

only some of the things that come out of her vagina are retarded.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

second income

over the last week or so i have received at least 3 or 4 phone calls about an apartment for rent in a town near where i grew up. at first i figured the person probably just dialed incorrectly, but now i'm thinking that there was a misprint in the newspaper and my phone number got printed instead.

up to now, i've been nice and advised people that they have the wrong number. i even called one person who had left me a voicemail back to inform them that the number was incorrect (i know, very unlike me). i think if this continues i'm going to start renting the apartment out to anyone who calls. i mean, at worst i'd get first, last, and security from each, right?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

supermarket sweep

it's been a while since i've had any notable grocery store anecdotes (in fact, it's debatable whether this one is as well). it's not that people here are normal, it's that i try to get in and out quickly (that's what she said) and basically ignore everyone.

there was a young couple with 2 kids in front of me in the checkout line. their total came to $104, except that the guy withheld some type of prescription medicine and a bulk package of toilet paper. after paying the $104, the couple tried to pay for the prescription and the tp with what i just assumed was a credit card. i thought this was pretty annoying because, what the fuck, just buy all your groceries together like normal people, particularly when there are 3 more people/groups behind you. but then the checkout woman told them there was only a balance of $2.95 on the card. a debit card perhaps. then the couple has her call the manager over. the manager tells the couple that she thinks they can only use that card at pharmacies. the woman disagreed, but just paid cash and left.

while all of this was unfolding in front of me, the guy behind me sighed, "ugh, welfare. just get a job." now i dont know if his comment was incited by the ridiculousness of the checkout decisions or by the fact that the young couple in front of us happened to be black.

the guy then turned to me and said, "i work 6 days a week. i'm 50 years old, have 2 harleys in my garage, have a house here, and a house in vegas. it's amazing what you can accumulate when you just work."

i completely agree with his point that working is important, and that it's important to provide for yourself and work hard to earn things. i disagree with the assumption that the couple doesnt work if it was based on the fact that they're young, black, and have 2 kids. if it was based upon the attempted method of payment, perhaps it has more legitimacy.

either way, it got me thinking. i'd love to be able to afford 2 homes and 2 bikes when i'm 50 (especially that home in vegas). being that guy might not be so bad, except for the possible racist part.

"have a nice day" the checkout girl said. it snapped me out of my thoughts, and i suddenly remembered why i dont talk to anyone at the grocery store.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

one year later

today is the 1 year anniversary of me starting my current job. the year has flown by, with good times and bad. i can't believe i've been here for a year already. time really flies when you spend all day talking to assholes.

i'm kicking off year 2, day 1 in style---at a job interview with a different company.