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Friday, October 26, 2007


the above title refers both to the world series so far and the weather in arizona. the work trip is going well, and i'll be playing golf here on saturday morning which is sweet. the people here are pretty cool (which again, says a lot) and we're having a good time. still, i'm very excited to get back east.

Monday, October 22, 2007


you KNOW it bitches!

going to arizona for a bit. see ya soon, suckers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


1) "They've been raised, says Twenge, on 'bad advice,' like 'believe in yourself and you can do anything,' leaving many with deeply unrealistic expectations about their lives."
i agree with the above quote, but not necessarily the entire article. it is an interesting read though.

2) skankees, or alternatively, jeter is bad in bed.

3) this is just ridiculous. obama's comment is pretty funny.

in other news, the job is going very well. i like the stuff, and the people in the office are awesome, which says a lot since i usually don't like a lot of people. in fact, i have yet to meet anyone in the office who i dislike. there isn't even really anything i dislike about the job yet. well, i dont like getting up early. i guess the closest thing to an annoyance is the group of assistants who just cluck about all day. it's only a problem because right now my desk is near all of theirs, but it won't even be there permanently so it's not really an issue. also, the assistants are all very friendly and nice, and they still do their jobs very well. this says a lot too, because they have more responsibilities in this office than any assistants had in other offices in which i've worked.

all in all, things are great.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

one week

i've had the job for 1 week. here are a few things i like so far:

1) cool people
2) good benefits
3) free coffee (18 choices), tea (5 choices), hot chocolate
4) business casual
5) employee of the month gets a half day off
6) training in AZ
7) you can win a tv
8) friday/saturday/sunday actually mean something to me now

Monday, October 08, 2007

our neighbor the coke whore

we have 6 undergrads living in a 2-floor apartment above us. parking can get annoying, but largely it's not a huge inconvenience. most of the girls are pretty friendly when you see them, but 1 is incredibly stupid (not that all of the others are brilliant) and 1 seems to be a huge whore.

last night i heard a car pull into our driveway right after i pulled our cars in off the street. i looked out the window to see who it was because if they were staying i'd offer to let her put her car behind ours so we wouldn't have to call to get her to move the car in the morning. but one look out the window made it obvious that they were just stopping home to get something then leave again.

in the car were a nice one, the stupid one, the whore, and 3 of the sketchiest guys i've ever seen. most of their friends are sketchy, but i'm talking unbuttoned shirt with wifebeater, headband, gold chain, askew baseball hat trashy. now you might be thinking, "hey dicta you really shouldn't judge people based solely on looks or clothing because i look/dress like an asshole/slut/douchebag but i'm really awesome." well, stop underestimating my ability to judge people.

just as i'm about to turn back and go to bed, i see one of the guys and the whore whip out a piece of cardboard and proceed to snort a few lines of coke off it (lest you think i exaggerated in my title). now i really don't care what they do with their personal lives, but i'm just saying that if she happened to overdose our parking situation would be 7% better.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

another milestone

i finally got those horrible pennsylvania tags off my car. granted, i'm about 3.5 months late, but i finally had to get it done. work starts on monday, which would make it much harder to do all my daytime errands. tomorrow i'm going to mail the PA tag back and get that disgusting state out of my life forever!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

the dream of living on welfare is over

someone finally hired me. i'm guessing the key factor in their decision is my rugged good looks.

goodbye professional gambling career. i'll miss you old friend. :(

an unamerican hero

i often criticize people and/or their actions on my blog, so i thought it only fair to share my appreciation of this story. in a country that is getting fatter and lazier, this woman took responsibility for herself, didn't make excuses, and bettered herself. and she did it the old fashioned (read: correct) way--through eating healthier foods and exercising. notice i said "eating healthier foods" and not "fad-dieting" which of course only works as long as you keep it up, unless when you stop the diet you move to healthier eating and exercise.

either way, this story is a good one. it goes to show you that despite all the insurmountable (ha ha) societal pressures like large portion sizes in restaurants and appetizers served at social events can be overcome with some willpower and a bit of exercise. suck it, fatties.

Monday, October 01, 2007

this is what it has come to

i've finished all of the interviews at one place and i am awaiting their decision. i've also turned down 2.5 jobs this summer. and today, i'm going for an interview for a job i don't really want and which i probably wouldn't accept if offered. but i don't have anything else to do today, so why the hell not?