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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

snow wonder

i get it people, it snowed. TWO DAYS AGO. honestly, you've had 2 days to clean the snow off your car. did we get a lot of snow? absolutely. but you've had 48hrs now. even if you were in one of the areas that got about a foot, all you had to do was clean 1/4 inch of snow off your car each hour. especially you bitches in honda civics and ford taurus'. i was behind someone on the highway this morning driving a newer model honda accord. about 6 inches of snow was covering the rear windshield, the roof, both taillights and signal lights in the rear. even if this douchebag did signal, no one could see it. though my guess is they probably don't use their signal if they can't be bothered to clean off their car. many people would rather endanger themselves, and friends/family in the car with them, and everyone else out on the road or near the road than spend a few minutes outside to clean off their car. with people this lazy and stupid it's no wonder our unemployment rate is so high. it's not to say that it's an absolute, but if we can't (or won't) perform such simple tasks that have quite a bearing on our own safety (much less the saftey of others (much less our wallets if we hit and destroy people or property)), it says quite a bit about our character.

you heard it here first, unemployed people don't clean the snow off their cars (and not because they have no place to go).


At 3/05/2009 4:15 PM, Blogger Holmes said...

Don't worry, we are all about to begin driving little wind-up cars made of nonstick plastic that get 60 mpg on 60 hp.


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