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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


it's been somewhat crazy lately. though i guess most people could say that most of the time. it's rarely a good excuse, but often a justification.

i'm getting some extra training at work. i will soon be taking on some additional responsibilities (without additional compensation of course). the reward is some more interesting work on a day to day basis, though not always easier. plus i'll go to florida for a week in january for training which will be nice. i'm going to try to visit brancy too, if it works out for both of us.

dealing with people on a daily basis is a bit disillusioning. last week i caught 2 people in very specific, very blatant lies. people are always upset because they can never agree, or at least never want to take responsibility. i don't always mind when people get mad because i dont mind setting them in their place. because of this, my boss sometimes puts me in more difficult circumstances intentionally. sometimes it's a compliment, sometimes it's annoying.

i still have to do all my holiday shopping, though i do have at least 1 idea for everyone on my list.

overall, it's happy and healthy. good times.


At 12/28/2008 9:13 PM, Blogger Brancibeer said...

Shoot me an email when you know where and when you'll be in FL.


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