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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

shopping? on a wednesday?

usually i go grocery shopping on sundays, but this past sunday we were visiting my parents for the holiday so we didn't go. plus i have today off so i figured i should stock up for the rest of the week. add that to the shoulder-to-shoulder sunday shoppers and long lines and going today was a no brainer.

wednesday grocery shopping is the bizarro world to sunday shopping. there are many fewer customers, and practically none below the age of 80. covering 1 aisle in less than 10 minutes is ridiculously efficient. those turning left have the right of way, and the preferred payment method is check (unless you have exact change in cash).

despite more room to throw elbows and the ability to pass on the right, i'm not sure wednesday shopping is any better than sunday. perhaps i should look into online grocery vendors, although that has potential to be a pretty big step towards reclusivity (not a word according to, but should be).


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