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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

we're moving this weekend!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

very one-sided

i think that my dialog on friday went something like this:

- good morning
- hey guys! good boy, good girl.
- have a nice day, see you this afternoon
- morning, got any weekend plans?
- morning
- morning
- morning. anything good this weekend?
- morning
- yeah, we should set up a trip to the casino soon
- damnit, 8am
- fuck you
- fuck you
- fuck you
- what can i do for you?
- fuck you
- wow, you're a piece of shit
- fuck you
- it was nice talking to you. let me know if there's anything else i can do.
- fuck you
- yeah, ruby tuesday sounds good to me too
- fuck you
- fuck you
- fuck you
- the food is here
- this is really good
- yeah, i can go back upstairs. i have a lot left to do too. that's fine.
- fuck you
- fuck you
- fuck you, call me back when you get this
- fuck you
- fuck you
- yeah, i will
- fuck you
- have a good weekend
- have a good weekend
- see you on monday!

this is the problem with a job that has lots of customer interaction.


and speaking of customer service, i still hate cvs. maybe more than ever.

last night i called to have a prescription refilled. it's something i take daily for my stomach. i ordered it, and set the pickup for today. when i got to cvs, they told me that the medicine had been discontinued. obviously i was surprised. they said they had tried to call me but they had the wrong number. now i find this funny because i've only had 1 number for the last 4 years, and i've only been living here and using this cvs for 1 year. and the first time i got a prescription filled there i had to update all my info with them, so i know they have it. but cvs is retarded.

so the girl was just like "we dont have any more" and shrugged at me. she told me i could call my doctor to find out about this (which i of course planned on anyway. i just saw the doctor last month and he gave me a number of refills but didnt mention anything about a discontinuation). she also said she didnt think anyone else had it either. call your doctor.

so naturally, i called walgreens. walgreens confirmed that it appears a discontinuation might be inevitable, but walgreens happily and curteously searched other stores to try to find some for me for right now until the question of the discontinuation is answered. granted i was talking to the lady on the phone, but i dont think she just stood there and shrugged at me. furthermore, she didnt even mention that i call my doctor until i brought it up that i would. she said she would gladly continue search other locations for me to find it if she could in the future. i advised i would call my doctor to confirm and maybe see if there were another thing i could use in the meantime. on top of all this, walgreens took my info and she said that she would call cvs to get my prescription over to walgreens and that i didnt have to do anything. obviously, i thanked her.

the short of it is that while cvs just stood there and sucked their own tiny collective dick, walgreens actually tried to help me. so there you have it, shitty customer service - another reason to hate cvs. fuck cvs, use walgreens.

UPDATE: i had to add an update. as it turns out, walgreens is not one of the approved providers or fucking whatever for my fucking insurance. i have insurance, i pay what i feel is too much for it, and it doesnt fucking cover one of the largest fucking pharmacy chains. fucking perfect. so i'm still going to get my shit tomorrow, but instead of $5 it will be $40. it's not their fault my insurance is fucked. and they really helped me out while cvs just sat their like a fucking retard at a physics convention. so fuck it. and then i have to have a talk with my doctor this week, and maybe my insurance. fuck.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

difficult decisions

i don't know if i should be wearing a celtics championship shirt, or a red sox world series shirt, or one of the many patriots super bowl champion shirts. i never thought getting dressed could be so complicated.


in other news, dominique and i move next weekend so we've been preparing for that. we'll have everyone over once we're settled, hopefully sooner than 9 months this time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

new school

i watch the food network a lot. the channel has really evolved from the beginning, for the best i think. today the network is marked by stars like rachael ray, bobby flay, and alton brown (who could really do any show on the network as well or better than anyone else).

emeril is yesterday's news, and with good reason. personally, i've tried some of emeril's food line and thought that it kind of sucked. but even moreso, the network is becoming more accessible to the everyday person. it's brilliant. most people cook in some capacity, or find interest in some facet of cooking. everyone has to eat. but emeril's show doesn't focus on easy to make recipes. sure, some are, but i always found his show was an effort to flaunt his skills, but i think the flavor is lacking.

eh, there's no point to this. just like the last few posts, it's just trailing off in the end...

Monday, June 02, 2008

today i talked to some of the trashiest people ever...

and they weren't even from pennsyltucky. i know, i was as surprised as you (though i didn't quite ask them their state of origin, who knows).

it's not that i don't like my job, it's that i don't like it some days. but sometimes those days are bad enough to wander onto careerbuilder, etc. every job has days like that. i constantly deal with people though...bulllllllshiiiiiiit.

but the girls upstairs are out and our landlord can't rent the place. we only have another month here then it's off to a slightly more private place surrounded by different people.

still no computer.