Confessions of a Litigious Mind

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

at last!

a replacement computer, courtesy of my sister.

it's a dell, so it's a bit slow and has defects, but even i can't complain about a free computer. sure, another brand would probably be better, but if it were another brand my sister probably wouldn't have had to replace it herself. so maybe it's good that it's a dell. never thought i'd say that.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


gas here was so "cheap" today that i bought a bunch extra to pour on the floor and roll around in. the burning sensation also helps with the colder weather that's come.

Monday, November 17, 2008

going out of business...sort of

last weekend dominique and i met up with my parents for dinner. at dinner my mom told me that linens and things was going out of business and that they have a lot of kitchen/grille stuff that i should check out to see if i can get any deals. now i'd heard of linens and things, but due to the word "linens" i figured i wouldnt be very interested in the things.

so dominique and i went to the one near us. and i know why this place is going out of business. the prices are ridiculous. there was a pot there--yes, a pot--that cost $360. that was the going out of business price. i shit you not. that must be the best pot ever. for $360 i would expect the best meal i ever had each time i used the pot, and maybe it could jerk me off after i'm done or something. it had better for $360.

also, the "going out of business sale" was only 20% off. i'm sorry, but going out of business warrants at least 50% off items. 20% is more like "hey, it's presidents day, woohoo."

anyway, perhaps i will return when the things are closer to 50-80% off.