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Thursday, September 11, 2008

i'm back baby

well, sort of. i'll likely be back more in a few weeks. but for now i'll sort of drift in and out.

my sister went back to school for her masters and got a new computer. i will be inheriting her old computer. i offered her some money, but she's nice and declined. she needed another computer anyway. my new (used) computer is a dell. but it's free. a free dell is the only type i'll take.

i've been working 10-7 lately. that probably has contributed a little to my lack of posting with much frequency. i do intend to change that, but getting home 730-745 after staring at a computer all day doesnt do much to intrigue me.

when i went into working the later shift i was sure i'd hate it. it has its ups and downs. the distribution of work is different, and i like it. i can sleep later, which is nice. but on the whole, it's tainted.

i hate getting home so late. dominique and i eat dinner together almost every night if we can, and i like that. i feel bad that she has to wait until 8-9 to eat, especially if i cook. and i cook less because of that, which i dont like, because i love to cook. dominique will cook sometimes too, which is cool because she's a good cook too. it's the nights that we get lazy and order in that it kills us.

my company hasn't been completely straightforward lately, and that bothers me. i figured i'd be working 10-7 at some point, but i dont like the way i found out. first, i might have to. then another person and i can rotate 2 months at a time. then i go first to be nice because the week it started the other person was on vacation and i offered to do it to help the others who already worked the later shift because there were so few of them. and now i'm stuck. i think the other person is going to have to go 10-7 too, but she's still not there yet. i knew i'd probably have to do it as a relatively new hire, and tha'ts fine. that's life. but i resent the way it came about, and now i'm stuck. if i have to work the later shift just grow some goddamn managerial balls and tell me, dont act like i might not have to until i'm already there.


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