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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

peanut butter sauce

dominique and i live near a friendly's. every once in a while, we get some of the take-out ice cream for dessert. today was one of those days, which is why i was happy to see the chubby girl behind the counter.

certain people are made for certain jobs. i'm not saying overweight people are made for scooping ice cream, but i will say i never mind when they're scooping mine. now i'm not talking morbidly obese people, no. if they dont have respect for themselves, they wont have respect for my reese's pieces sundae. but as soon as i saw the slightly overweight girl making my sundae, i knew she would honor my request for extra peanut butter sauce.

gotta be careful though, or else i'll be scooping my own sundae's soon.


At 8/01/2008 7:02 PM, Blogger Holmes said...

You're really an illegal immigrant who will work for substandard wages and working conditions forcing fatty out of a job? :)

PS I am rolling today. I have my "enjoy capitalism" t-shirt on. I think I'll go put some nontoxic carbon in the air with a joy ride and buy some chinese-made manufactured goods.


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