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Friday, May 16, 2008

unsettling in

lately i've been experiencing something interesting. normally, the better i get at something, the less frustrated i am with it. but my job is going somewhat differently.

overall, i still like my job. i really like the people i work with, and the work atmosphere is great. i'm finally settling in to the position and into an area with which i was completely unfamiliar prior to this job. each day is different, and i'm required to use my brain as opposed to being some mindless drone performing useless busywork.

that said, some days are more frustrating now. i do my work better, i know more, and i'm much more self-sufficient than in the past. i'm not bored during the day, and i always have plenty to do.

i think the problem is that my job requires a lot of daily interaction with customers and non-coworkers. as i was still learning, i probably just didn't notice the ignorance or stupidity around me as much because i had to focus on what i was doing and what needed to be done. but now that i'm better at my job and i'm more familiar with the necessary processes, i am better able to focus on the other people with whom i deal. in one respect that's probably a good thing, because it probably improves the quality and efficiency of my work. but on a personal level i'm beginning to find it bothersome.

it's just amazing how stupid many people are, or how little they care. how self-centered they are, and how they think they deserve everything after doing nothing. how they're just rude in general.

i like my job, and i like the people with whom i work. but sometimes i question the choice to work in such a public-oriented position.


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