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Thursday, May 08, 2008


it's been an interesting week.

we're going to a wedding in june in san francisco. we just got the official invitation with the confirmed dates a couple weeks ago. right now the cheapest tickets we can find there are like $500 each.

the other day at my job i talked to a 26 year old. during the conversation she mentioned to me that she couldn't get a rental car because the company required a deposit and she didn't have a credit card or cash to put down. there was a possibility to waive the deposit, but she didn't have 2 utility bills in her name to prove residence and she didn't have a recent pay stub because, oh right, she doesnt have a job and is on welfare. oh and has a kid (who is probably really well provided for). what the fuck. 26 and no job on welfare? listen, i know its not at the top of anyone's list, but get a fucking job at mcdonalds or something. the fact that i work 40hrs a week and only net 66% of my "earnings" part of which goes to stupid bitches who get knocked up and dont do shit kind of pisses me off. honestly, there are some jobs that will take anyone. it's not always glorious, but take some fucking responsibility for yourself. i can see if someone is older or is unable to work for some reason, but this was just someone who was irresponsible.

and it wouldn't be a good ranting post if i didn't mention how much dell fucking sucks. it was probably a long time coming now, but my computer is all fucked up again. it wont turn on. it kind of does, but the screen doesnt show up. it sometimes flashes my desktop for a split second and then the screen goes black. it just started happening yesterday, and today it's just a useless pile of shit taking up space. hopefully i can get all the shit i have on there off. i think the hard drive should be ok but who the fuck knows, it is a dell. and who knows when i'll replace it. not really on top of my to do list lately. especially for the cost of new computers. maybe i wont get one. all i do on my computer is fuck around online.

i've just sat here for 5 mins and literally cant think of a way to wrap this up. so i'm just finished for now.


At 5/09/2008 5:48 PM, Blogger Shubie said...

Come to the darkside, Dicta. Me and Dick Cheney are waiting for you ;)

At 5/10/2008 12:06 PM, Blogger Matt said...

you may need to suck it up and get a Mac. i've never heard of anyone having as much trouble with a dell as you have.

don't go to the dark side, i believe deficits are real and i don't want to destroy the federal government in an attempt to give the states more rights which is only a ploy to let giant multinational corporations take over.

At 5/11/2008 11:04 AM, Blogger dicta said...

i might need to get a mac. i dont know just yet. getting a new computer isn't exactly on top of my list. also computers are pretty expensive, especially when you think of what pieces of shit they actually turn out to be. i've never had one that didn't have major problems at least a couple times (and i'm not sure my parents have either).

as far as the dark side, i don't think i could get all the way there. i believe deficits are real as well, but i still have a problem when someone just doesn't work and collects money. if someone works but just doesn't make enough that's fine because it at least shows some kind of effort.

At 5/11/2008 1:47 PM, Blogger Shubie said...

I don't understand the "deficits are real" statement. I realize Congress post-Newt Gingrich has run out of control spending and has been encouraged or at least neglected by several administrations. However, conservatives don't want that. So there is a middle position between "states rights" and "Federal government is a ginormous monster that regulates everything." And if corporations ran everything, we wouldn't have Sarbanes-Oxley. Even so, I don't understand the anti-corporation mindset. It seems to be the liberal equivalent of the anti-federal government fear of the far right wing. "It's the machine man, they'll get you." OK, visit a few places that aren't "run" by corporations- Rwanda, Burma, Sudan, Venezuela. Let me know how it goes there. You might want to buy some corporate-made supplies which are readily available at Walmart before you do though.


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