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Thursday, February 16, 2006

fuck you nbc

ok, it's rant time. by far, thursday is the best of the weekdays. not only because it's closest to the weekend, but because thursday nights at 930 THE OFFICE airs.

seeing as the olympics are now every even year (granted, summer/winter are still every 4 years), i, as well as many others i imagine, have completely lost interest. it was something when you had to wait 4 years for the next games. like a presidential election. and well all know this 4 years is going by incredibly slowly. but who can get excited for the olympics every other year? countries with sub-par professional sports leagues, that's who. and that does not include the united states.

due to this, i had completely forgotten that the olympics would be on all day, on one network or another, and i certainly didnt pay attention which networks at which times. so you can imagine my extreme disappointment when i got home from 4 hours of volunteer work, just in time for what i thought would be the beginning of THE OFFICE, to find small, girly, frail men in fucking tights figure skating across my screen. well, fuck you nbc. american idol is getting better ratings than the olympics. in what demented world did you think that people would rather watch some guy give himself the reacharound on ice while wearing skates and tights than THE OFFICE?!? this is even worse than the time abc showed the final round of a golf tourney in its entirety then cut off the playoff for a rerun of fucking 24. if i wanted to see this shit i would just watch bravo. the rainbow colored peacock that has so long been your icon has never been more fitting.

it's not often that i say someone should be shot and mean it. but tonight, 16 february 2006, someone should really be shot. where's fuckin cheney when we actually need him?


At 2/16/2006 10:59 PM, Blogger JLee said...

my coworker is watching the men skate around daintily (she is a former figure skater)and I wish so for a truck pull or a Chuck Norris movie to come on.

At 2/16/2006 11:53 PM, Blogger sadielady said...

i am completely 100% with you on this one, dicta. this has been such a long fucking week, and i have completely gotten mixed up on what day it even is, with this horrendous trial i'm having to endure. but today, while sitting in the uncomfortable chair that is my lot for the next 15 days, trying to hear the soft-spoken witness's testimony, while annoyed at the trial-watchers in the courtroom who are constantly coughing, sneezing, shifting in their seats, unwrapping hard candy, yawning, whispering, shoveling papers, and occasionally snoring, and then annoyed with myself for realizing how mesmerized i have become by richard-gere-in-chicago's ass (see my "venting" post if that makes no sense), one single ray of sunshine shone down on me when it occurred to me that Hey! today is thursday! that means I can watch THE OFFICE tonight! my number one most favorite of all time fucking hilarious tv show!!! and maybe this time jim and pam really WILL confess their true feelings for one another! and what hilarious antics will michael be up to tonight! will he wear his dry-cleaned jeans? will the blown up girly doll still be in the warehouse with michael's face taped to it? what will jim do tonight to fuck with dwight? what will dwight do that's so funny i'll do spit-takes with my wine while watching it? man, i was psyched. i got home, i got comfy, i got ready to watch, and then - - - fucking men's figure skating!!?!?!! i agree. someone needs to be shot.

At 2/18/2006 8:54 AM, Blogger None said...

Dicta, sometimes, I wish you'd just tell us how you really feel.

At 2/18/2006 10:59 AM, Blogger dicta said...

i feel really weird that you're up at 854am on saturday morning


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